Rainbow Dash

My Sweet Lolita Wishlist <3

Cutsews & Knits:


Mint or Pink


Mint or Pink


Rainbow Dash


Orange = Mad Hatter
Blue = Rabbit
Red = Willy Wonka

Brown - Jack Sparrow

Yo, what's up? I'm the Mad Hatteeerrr.
I'll pour you tea, please don't let it splatteeerrr.
And don't be late for your very important date.
My funny bunny friend is twitching cuz he just can't wait for our teeeaaa partyyy! With you and meee!
Girl, this ain't no Starbucks drive through you'll seeeee!
Falling down that rabbit hole, you must have hit your head!
You think you are dreaming, but you in Wonderland instead!
Whether you're BIG, or whether you're small, I'll hat your head with greenyellowandred or you can have them all! AHAHA!
You could wear a sombrerooo, or a hat like a pirate and be Jack Sparrooowww! -Where am I?
See it doesn't really matteeerrr, when yooouuu're the Maaad Hatteeerrr.
No it doesn't really matteeerrr, cuz I'mmm the Maaaad Hatteeerrr! AHAHAHAHA!
Let me bust a cap on that nappy nab of dreadlocks, need a beanie? You could look like a geniiieee!
Or would you like to be a cowboy baaabyyy?
A pimp with a pimp hat or Santa Claus maybeee?
Casa. Blanca. I made hats for Willy Wonka!
Pretty, ugly, even pretty ugly!
I'm Darth Vader! I'm President Lincoln! I graduated top my class, cuz I'm always thinking!
Of new styles, of new designs! My next one...you won't even find!
Because it doesn't really matteeerrr! When yooouuu're the Maaad Hatteeerrr!
No, it doesn't really matteeerrr...

Cuz he's the Mad Hatter!
Oh hey, this stuff is gettin' risque, another cup of coffee, my body's gettin' twitchay. I best move to another place, somewhere far from the fat red Queen's face! Before she says, "Off with his head!" This here bunny ain't gonna be dead. We need a champiooon, to overtake the throoowwwnnn!

Down with the bloody red queen! You must slaaay the Jabberwock dragon! She's so ugly and mean, we want the white queen! So I can start fudderwackin'!
Do you want to fudderwack? Oh, I love to fudderwack! Let's all just fudderwack! Fudderwack with me!
No it doesn't really matteeerrr, when yooouuu're the Maaad Hatteeerrr!
Rainbow Dash

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